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Special Considerations for Orlando Air Conditioning Systems

Feb 27, 2024

Fast changing temperatures

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but we get a lot of temperature changes throughout the day.

Cold mornings and hot afternoons

During late fall and winter, the morning and evenings will often get to low temperatures while mid-day and afternoon can be blazing hot. This sort of changing weather can create strain on your system, causing it to work harder than it may need to.

Older HVAC systems aren’t made to be able to handle fast, consistent changes in temperature, so it could be causing you to pay more on your energy bill.

Rain cloud pouring rain over water off coast of Orlando, Florida


Even with our Sunshine-related title, we’re still all too familiar with the mid-day rain storm. This frequent weather event causes the temperature to drop, often causing a change in your HVAC system. However, with most Florida rain being short mid-day showers, your system could be ramping up and down many times as a result. This constant changing can put a lot of pressure on older systems, creating expensive air conditioning maintenance issues or underperformance in your home.

Extreme heat

When it’s not raining, it’s typically super hot here in Orlando. Outdated air conditioning units struggle to keep up with the extreme heat and may be costing you a lot in your monthly energy bill. A new, modern system utilizes the newest technology, using less energy to cool down your entire home.

Energy use

Most of these issues can be boiled down to how much energy it takes for your heating and cooling system to reach your desired temperature. The more energy you need, to more money you have to pay every month. This additional cost can add up over time, as well as the HVAC repairs and issues that come along with it.

Jimmy, owner of A&G Air Conditioning in Orlando, FL, inspecting a local air conditioning system

How to know if you need a new HVAC system

If your unit is more than 7 years old, it’s recommended to consider upgrading to a new air conditioner. Old systems will take more time and energy to heat or cool your home and may lead to costly repairs.


The biggest reason you may want to upgrade your Orlando air conditioner is lack of performance. Once an HVAC system gets to a certan age, it will struggle to keep up with Orlando’s harsh weather. This can lead to discomfort in your home:

  • Inconsistent temperatures in house
  • Dead zones in house that don’t get the same level of heating or cooling
  • Complete HVAC shutdowns or outages

Loud noises coming from system

Older units may sound very loud when booting up or just running in general. If the sound seems extraordinarily loud, it may be time to schedule an HVAC inspection from a local Orlando company.

High energy bill

If your energy bill continues to get more expensive over time, your air conditioner may be getting out-of-date, causing you to pay more than you need on monthly energy bills.

Consistent issues

As a unit gets more use, it downgrades in performance over time. This is especially true of Orlando air conditioners because of the harsh weather conditions that they have to endure. If you’re finding that you have to have an inspection or repair every few months, it’s probably time to look into getting a new air conditioner installed.

HVAC unit sitting outside of house in east Orlado, FL

The benefits of an HVAC replacement in Orlando, FL

If your air conditioner is getting old or out-of-date, it’s probably time to consider a new unit installation. As technology improves, so do modern HVAC systems.

Energy efficiency

The latest heating and cooling systems are super fast and energy-efficient. This saves you money every month on your energy bill, and gives you a unit that will last for years to come.


Save your wallet and the planet with a modern air conditioner. With SEER energy ratings, you can feel good about your new purchase, knowing that you’re using what is best for the environment and your home.

Potential tax rebates

Your new system may qualify you for tax rebates. Speak with a member of our team to learn more about rebates and how we an help save you money on your new air conditioner.

Peace of mind

Know that your unit will last for years to come with fast, efficient performance. Most new system come with warranties, allowing you to forget about HVAC systems and get back to doing what you love.

A&G Air Conditioning team standing on roof during commercial HVAC installation in Orlando, Florida

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