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Why Is My Air Conditioning Not Blowing Cold Air?

Jan 31, 2023

What you can check on your own

If your air conditioning is on, but not blowing cold air, there are a few easy fixes for you to check on your own. However, if it’s not a simple fix, it’s recommended to contact your local HVAC company.

Try these solutions first.

Thermostat on wall inside of home

Check your thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is turned on and set to the proper temperature. Can you hear the unit turning on and off when you do so on your thermostat? If so, this probably isn’t the issue and you can move on to checking your air filter.

Check your air filter

Air filters gather dust over time, blocking them and causing issues in your HVAC unit. Without air being able to pass through the filter, you won’t be experiencing cold air in your home.

Open the panel to your AC unit and pull out your filter to check if it is dirty. If so, you’ll need to replace it. Luckily, replacing it is as easy as just sliding a new one in its place. If your air filter is dirty, this is very likely to be your issue.

How often do you have to change an air filter for an air conditioning unit?

Air filters get dirtier based on the environment in your home. Here are some solid guidelines to follow when it comes to replacing your air conditioning unit filter:

  • Home with one or more pets: Change every 1 or 2 months
  • Single family home with no pets: Change every 3 months
  • Single occupant or vacation home with no pets: Change every 6 months

What you should call an HVAC company to check for you

If the two previous methods don’t work for you, it’s likely time to call an HVAC repair company. Here are some of the issues that we see most often with our air conditioning customers.

Blocked condenser unit

Your condenser unit is the heart of your HVAC system as it takes the hot air and uses coolant to convert it to cool air. If this system gets clogged or blocked, it won’t be able to produce cold air until resolved.

Here are some of the most common reasons that your ac condenser is blocked:

  • Dirt
  • Algae and mold
  • Plant matter
  • Insects

Frozen evaporator coil

Although a frozen evaporator coil in Florida’s heat seems strange, it is a common problem that can happen to homeowners in any area. Unfortunately, this issue could be a sign of an even bigger problem, so it’s important that you take action and contact your AC company.

Our HVAC experts check the following in this situation:

  • Check for ice around the refrigerant line
  • Check the air handler for moisture
  • Check the condensate drain pan to see if it is full or overflowing
  • Check inside the air handler to inspect the evaporator coil for ice
HVAC unit with refrigerant line

Refrigerant leak

The refrigerant in your air conditioning unit is used to quickly cool the hot air that it brings in. The amount of refrigerant is the same throughout your AC’s lifespan, so you don’t need to top it off or replace it. However, if a component of your HVAC unit fails, it can cause a leak, losing refrigerant and causing issues for your entire system.

Book an inspection

All of these tips are important factors to keep in mind, but every HVAC situation is different. Without seeing the unit and how it is set up, we won’t be able to give a full opinion on what’s best for you.

Our Orlando HVAC team is always standing by and ready to take care of your HVAC needs. Contact us to get your unit inspected and for honest advice on what’s best for your home.

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